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Missing Opportunities in Your Salon?

Are you missing opportunities in your salon? Are you engaging with your clients and giving them a reason to come back again? Here's a very short story of my recent experience


1) Client Service Is Key

Creating an unshakeable salon has a number of pillars. Client service and experience is definitely one of those.

Gayle and I had a very interesting experience recently when we were last in San Diego.

Gayle needed her hair done. She researched and found a salon that she liked and contacted them to make a booking. We were only going to be in San Diego for two days and we could only find time to get Gayle's hair done on the first day that we were there. 

Unfortunately the salon opening hours would not allow us to get from the airport to our hotel get booked in and then get to the salon before closing time. Gayle contacted the salon owner and explained the situation, not only did he open the salon late that evening. 

He had good skills, listened during the consultation and delivered a style that made Gayle extremely happy. After he had delivered his service he asked where we were going and dropped us off at our new location on his way home.

What a wonderful example of going above and beyond for your clients and I know that if Gayle is ever looking for her hair done in San Diego then we will be sure to book in again.


  • Client service is key
  • It is easy to get it right
  • You must engage with your clients

2) Encourage Your Clients to Come Back

In our example this was our first visit to the salon and we will definitely go back, the owner created a bond with us by not only delivering on what was agreed but then going above and beyond to drop us off in his car.

What the salon owner did was ensure that anytime we are back in San Diego and we need hair services then he will get the custom. 

He could have done more though. He could have taken Gayle's email address and used that to stay in touch and understand when we would next be in town and rebook Gayle when we are visiting.

He could have also given us an incentive to come back the next time we were in town and also could have got the colour services as part of that incentive.

Ensuring that you not only treat your clients well but also stay in touch with them is key.


  • Bond with your clients they are your salons lifeblood
  • Never miss an opportunity to get your clients to come back again
  • Think of incentives for clientss to book again with you and give them time limited offers

3) Are you missing opportunities

In our example above the salon ownerdid a lot right but could have done more to ensure that we always go back to him when in town.

Don't miss opportunities in your own salon to get your clients to come back more often.


  • Client service is key
  • It is easy to get right
  • Engage with your clients
  • Bond with your clients through that engagement
  • Never miss an opportunity to get your clients to come back again
  • Think of incentives to get your clients to come back again particularly if you have a quiet day

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George Wells is a web copywriter, author, coach and consultant. He helps business owners have a website that actually converts their prospects into clients and through nurturing makes them raving fans of the business who go out and are evangelical in their praise of the business.

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