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Get new clients for free to your salon with this underused free up front strategy!!


1) What is the strategy that shows you how to get clients for no upfront cost

Before your prospect will buy from you, they have to know you, then like you and trust you. With trust being the most difficult as most people are wary due to their trust or someone they knows trust being taken advantage of.

One of the best ways to overcome these barriers is to find someone who is in a non-competing business. Someone who already has your prospect as their client and negotiating to do a host recipient alliance with them. In this alliance they will market your salon services and products to their existing client list.

Although this strategy overcomes the barriers above. Clients trust must never be abused or your salon will be short lived. If indeed you deliver anything less than a fabulous services and products to your hosts list.


  • Prospects are wary of buying because they have been treated badly in the past
  • Host recipient alliances overcome the barrier of knowing you, liking you and trusting you
  • You must though deliver really value to your hosts list

2) Why you must use this marketing strategy in your salon

It takes much more effort and cost on your part to persuade a new client to buy from you the first time. It has been calculated between 5 and 9 times more expensive to get a new client to buy from you for the first time. As such you should always be looking for smart ways to obtain clients at the most advantageous cost to you.

Negotiating with non-competing businesses who already has persuaded your prospects to buy from them. You effectively get to buy these clients at no upfront cost to you save, the cost of running the promotion. If the promotion is electronic then there is effectively no upfront cost to the campaign.

The main reason this is such a powerful strategy is that your prospect already has a relationship with your host. As such they trust them. So, when they recommend you to their existing clients. The trust that they have for your host, projects onto you and as such they are massively more likely to purchase from you. 


  • It cost a lot to obtain a new client
  • You can negate this upfront cost by negotiating a host recipient alliance with a non-competing business who already has your prospect as a client
  • Your new prospect is more predisposed to buying from you as you have been recommended to them by someone they already know, like and trust

3) How do you arrange a host recipient alliance

In order for this strategy to be effective you really need to have your salon set up for success. You must know your target market, your target client and what you are trying to achieve.

Write down a list of all the non competing businesses who already have your target client as a client. 

Contact the owner of the business and explain that you have a salon which their existing clients would love. That it would enhance their reputation with their existing clients by making your salon available to their clients. This offer will be at a preferential rate. In doing so the host will make a handsome percentage of the profits just for recommending you.

These can be very lucrative deals for you both as you gain a client at no up-front cost. Your host enhances his reputation with their existing clients and makes an additional profit centre in the process.

A few caveats to this type of deal.

  • The host needs to have an active list either mailing or email list
  • You must reward the host with a significant compensation in my experience a minimum of 20% of profit is required to make this type of deal attractive to your host
  • The host needs to contact their list even if you write the entire content of the offer


  • You need to know your target market and target guest before you can do this arrangement
  • List all non-competing complimentary businesses
  • Contact them and explain the advantage to you both of doing a host recipient alliance
  • Your host needs an active list that they are communicating with regularly
  • You must reward your host with significant compensation >20%
  • The offer must come from the host and not you


  • Prospective guests are wary of buying for the first time and it costs a lot to persuade them to do so
  • Host / recipient alliances can overcome this as your prospect already has a relationship with the host
  • Your prospect is predisposed to doing business with you because they already are a client of your host
  • It costs a lot to get a client to buy from you first time
  • You can obtain clients at no upfront cost using host / recipient alliances
  • You need to know your target market and ideal client
  • List all non competing complimentary busineses and approach them to do a host / recipient alliance
  • Your host needs an active buyers list
  • You must compensate your host well
  • Your offer must be made to your host list by your host

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George Wells is a web copywriter, author, coach and consultant. He helps business owners have a website that actually converts their prospects into clients and through nurturing makes them raving fans of the business who go out and are evangelical in their praise of the business.

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