Risk Reversal

Get More Clients Now

Get more clients now by risk reversal. Reversing the risk increases your sales magically.  This strategy will get more clients now to come to your salon for the first time as you have accepted all of the risk.


1) What is risk in a purchase

In any transaction, one party assumes all of the risk. It generally has always been the purchaser who assumes this risk as they are the party who is paying for your services and products. In doing so in good faith, they expect that what you have said about your services has been honest, factual and that they can trust that you to have their best interests at heart.

Unfortunately due to many unscrupulous business owners, the general populous has learned by bitter experience that sometimes the salon owner does not have the clients best interest at heart and as such their experience of the salon is less than favourable.

Because of this, the general public is wary of being ripped off and as such are risk-averse. 


  • In a transaction one party assumes risk
  • Clients have been mis-sold far and wide
  • Clients are wary of purchase because of this

2) Why is risk reversal important

You have a great salon, you have strived to add more value and to enrich the delivery of your service, and you want to break down any barrier to sale.

To do that you must assume all of the risk of the transaction. As a producer of great services, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from risk reversal. The reason for this is that when you assume all of the risk of the purchase you remove one of the most significant hurdles any prospective client has incoming to your salon and buying from you for the first time.

You are worried that assuming the risk of the purchase will lead you to the bankruptcy courts I fully understand the emotion of this. However, in my experience and that of anyone I have ever come into contact with through business when you assume the risk as the seller, sales go up. The best part of it is that sales increase always outstrips refunds of your services and products provided they are of the highest standard. Clients are good people in the main and just want what you promised them in terms of your services and products.

You will get dissatisfied clients, you may even get some unscrupulous clients but provided you have honestly described your services offering and delivered fabulous service the amount of dissatisfied and unscrupulous clients will be minimal.


  • You've created a great salon so their is no risk to you
  • Reversing the risk will increase your sales
  • Risk Reversal can be tailored to suit you budget

3) Here's some examples of risk reversal

Risk reversal in a salon:-
If you are not fully satisfied that our services and experience is as we have described then let the owner / manager know and they will either sort it for you or give you a full refund no questions asked.
Your satisfaction is important to us, if you are not fully happy with the services or products then let us know and we will not only discount your service but offer that you come back as our guest.


  • Risk reverse your salon
  • Never risk the business by overcooking your risk reversal 
  • Crunch your numbers and get a strategy that works for you
  • It is crazy not to remove the risk from your client


  • In any transaction one party assumes all the risk
  • Your clients have probably been mis-sold and are rightly wary of promises
  • You must create great services and have great products
  • Risk reversal increases sales
  • Risk reversal can be tailored to your budget

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George Wells is a web copywriter, author, coach and consultant. He helps business owners have a website that actually converts their prospects into clients and through nurturing makes them raving fans of the business who go out and are evangelical in their praise of the business.

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