The Salon Specialists 

The Salon Specialists is a lifestyle salon growth and marketing business. the business was formed by Gayle Stewart and her husband George to hair salon owners in making their business, more profitable.

Gayle and George have very different professional backgrounds and this mix allows them to look at your salon differently and identify where the biggest profit opportunitues are.

George and Gayle although both proud Scots decided during the winter of 2016 whilst in the Canary Islands that they wanted to travel more and to explore their favourite country Mexico.

Forming a lifestyle business was the key to this and after a few forages into the marketplace The Salon Specialists were born.

Gayle Stewart

Hi I am Gayle Stewart

 I have a long, interesting and successful history in the hairdressing industry. She began her apprenticeship in Scotland 33 years ago. Having gained her city & guilds qualification the world was her oyster. This was the start of the many travels and countries, Gayle would work in, over her long and still continuing career. Jersey in the Channel Islands was her first port of call. Over a 12 year period progressed as a graduate stylist to salon manager. Salon educator for a well know product manufacturer. Finding a real passion for education and training Gayle took up a post as a lecturer in a college of further education as well as continuing to work in industry as a style director and trainer.

Next destination was working as salon manager/director and college lecturer in New Zealand. Utilising all her skills and knowledge and gaining more experience with a diversity of international students. 

From there it was back to the UK to bring all her skills up to date working in a large city centre salon in Glasgow as a creative director.

Being at the top of her game, decided to focus back on education. An update of qualifications was required so she returned to college as a full time student to bring her qualifications up to date and gained a HNC in hairdressing. This lead to part time employment as a lecturer in the same college. Also building a freelance business while teaching. Over the years Gayle had worked with many well known products brands and has extensive knowledge and experience presenting hair shows, editorial work, product launches, sales and marketing. 

Throughout her long career Gayle has managed and grown a number of salons whilst undertaking her role as salon manager. Gayle loves the challenge of building salons to increase profits and motivate staff.

George Wells

Hi I am George Wells

I am Scottish and lived in Lanarkshire for the first 47 years of my life. I began this journey in January 2018 with my wife Gayle.

I am a professionally qualified engineer and during the last 35 years since I first started work at 15 I have written over 6 million words. About enough words to fill close on 70 novels. It is safe to say that I have done a lot of writing over my career.

I have owned several small businesses and have failed more than once in the business sphere. I have been published in three major publications and written and published my first book 107 Marketing and Lead Generation Tips to Turbocharge Your Business in 60 Days or Less.

I first became aware of copywriting and direct response marketing around 20 years ago and over that period I have devoured almost every book I could find on copywriting, marketing, influence, psychology, hypnosis and mindset. It has been a real labour of love and one that you now have the benefit of should you engage us to grow your business.

When I am not growing salons you will most likely find me cooking and enjoying my time with friends unless of course I have my nose stuck in a book about growing businesses. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Michele Hogan


George and Gayle gave me control of my salon business again. When I was seeking to rebuild m

y salon George and Gayle helped me to quickly increase my takings and profits. They showed me how to take control of my business and where I needed to concentrate my time to make sure my business iomproved and my profit targets were met.  

Michele Hogan Salon Owner

Nia Pernales


I now have a framework which allows me to take what we are already doing in our restaurant and turn this into social media live content and turn these into evergreen marketing assets. George Wells approach was unique and innovative and immediately set me apart from all of the other restaurants in my city.

Nia Pernales Restaurant Manager



During my conversation with George I could see right away that he is very professional and he has so much knowledge about marketing. He gave me wonderful ideas that I am implementing in my coaching business having a clearer vision. 

Olivia Oviedo Tsiaousopoulos Life and Parent Coach

Shelley Alesia


George talked me through how to identify my ideal clients, how to determine my direction when there were too many to choose from, and most importantly how to market to my clients and develop immediate and future revenue streams.  

Shelley Alesia Coach