About George Wells Marketing

I intended to start this agency much sooner, but invariably life got in the way in the form of separation and all the nonsense that that brings with it leading to my eventual divorce. That combined with years of poverty growing up.

Negative programming, particularly from my Father who's most common description of me, was as a useless b*@*@*d, caused me to remain safe in my safe career for many more years than I really should have. I would love to tell you that I had a eureka moment where everything became clear. I didn't, my frustration just built on itself day after day. The crushing weight of mundanity bearing heavy on my shoulders, caused me to be less than the best version of myself.

Finally, I had just had enough. I do remember the exactly where I made that decision. I was on holiday in the Canary Islands and while sipping a nice cold glass of Cava decided that I'd had enough of living other peoples dreams and it was finally time to step out of the shadows and do precisely what I wanted to do. I discussed my thoughts with my wife Gayle, and we decided that on our return to Scotland, we would put the wheels in motion to change our lives. We sold our house, almost all of our worldly possessions and packed up two backpacks and hit the road, bound for Mexico.

Our favourite country then and it still is.We've now been travelling since January 2018 and loving every second of it. Building our business as we go. Travelling teaches you a lot and also provides excellent opportunities to learn different marketing approaches across the world.

 There just is not a problem that a restaurant has, that hasn't already been solved by someone else. We are here to answer your marketing problems for you.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Nia Pernales

Restaurant Manager

Prior to working with George Wells Marketing we did not have a formalised system of marketing our restaurant. George Wells Marketing made it easy for us to get started by giving us the ability to work with him on a monthly retainer basis but without commitment on either side. I now have a framework which allows me to take what we are already doing in our restaurant and turn this into social media live content and turn these into evergreen marketing assets. George Wells Marketing approach was unique and innovative and immediately set me apart from all of the other restaurants in my city. George Wells Marketing Consultancy were experienced in delivering solutions to my restaurant and were very professional in all that they did for us. I would highly recommend them to other restaurants who are looking to grow their restaurant rapidly.

Shelley Allesia


When I was lost on how to launch my business and market for new clients, George came to my rescue. He talked me through how to identify my ideal clients, how to determine my direction when there were too many to choose from, and most importantly how to market to my clients and develop immediate and future revenue streams. George is an amazing business coach for anyone getting started and to those who need to redirection. I am forever grateful for George Wells' Coaching

Claudia Oviedo Tsiaousopoulos

Life and Parent Coach

My name is Claudia and I am a Life and Parent Coach. During my conversation with George I could see right away that he is very professional and he has so much knowledge about marketing. He gave me wonderful ideas that I am implementing in my coaching business having a clearer vision. I will for sure recommend his services