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Ambitious Restaurant Owners: Create an  
Unshakeable Restaurant!

Having an unshakeable restaurant involves having multiple marketing pillars all working in harm only with each other to bring in new guests, have guests coming back more often and having them spend more whilst they are with you

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Why You’ll Love Being Unshakeable

Being unshakable means that no matter what's happening in the economy or what your competitors are doing, you have the marketing systems in place that make sure you bring in new guests, get them coming back more often and get your guests spending more when they visit.

The Secret to Unshakable

Most restaurants have between 1 and 5 marketing pillars that bring in new guests and get existing guests to come back more often. In fact the majority of restaurants worldwide in my experience are mostly concerned with new guests.

Creating a multi pillared unshakable marketing system will take away your stress and increase your profits exponentially due to to the compounding nature of multiple marketing pillars

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How We Work

We start off by asking you questions about your restaurant. What you are doing for marketing, what is working for you. What's worked in the past. After we spent that time getting to really know your restaurant and what you are currently doing. We will thoroughly review everything you do and advise you about what you should do to get quick wins and new guests in your restaurant.

We will give you the opportunity to work with us. After all we are a marketing business but it is entirely up to you whether you take up this offer or not.

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What Our Clients Say

Prior to working with George Wells Marketing we did not have a formalised system of marketing our restaurant. George Wells Marketing made it easy for us to get started by giving us the ability to work with him on a monthly retainer basis but without commitment on either side. I now have a framework which allows me to take what we are already doing in our restaurant and turn this into social media live content and turn these into evergreen marketing assets. George Wells Marketing approach was unique and innovative and immediately set me apart from all of the other restaurants in my city. George Wells Marketing Consultancy were experienced in delivering solutions to my restaurant and were very professional in all that they did for us. I would highly recommend them to other restaurants who are looking to grow their restaurant rapidly.

Nia Pernales, Restaurant Manager

When I was lost on how to launch my business and market for new clients, George came to my rescue. He talked me through how to identify my ideal clients, how to determine my direction when there were too many to choose from, and most importantly how to market to my clients and develop immediate and future revenue streams. George is an amazing business coach for anyone getting started and to those who need to redirection. I am forever grateful for George Wells' Coaching

Shelley Allesia, Coach

My name is Claudia and I am a Life and Parent Coach. During my conversation with George I could see right away that he is very professional and he has so much knowledge about marketing. He gave me wonderful ideas that I am implementing in my coaching business having a clearer vision. I will for sure recommend his services

Claudia Oviedo Tsiaousopoulos, Life and Parent Coach

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