The Salon Specialists Help Salon Owners Make MORE PROFITS!!

Are you ready to get more sales? From your website, sales letters, social media presence, we can help!!

New Book Salon Survival and Success is Live Now!!

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Salon Owners: Are You Ready To Make More PROFITS?

Are you missing opportunities in your restaurant? Are you engaging with your guests and giving them a reason

Missing Opportunities in Your Salon?

How to follow up till they visit your salon the Secret to Obtaining More Clients In marketing your

The Secret To Obtaining More Clients

How to get new guests to your restaurant at no upfront cost 1) What is the strategy that

Get New Clients For Free

Work on your salon not in it for success, increased revenue and profits. 

Work On Your Salon Not In It

Survey for success to produce what your clients want. Asking your clients what they want and giving it

Survey for success to produce what your clients want

Risk reversal increases your sales magically.  This strategy will get more guest now to come to your restaurant

Get More Clients Now

We help salon owners make more profits by building a resilient multi strategy marketing system that drives growth and profits geometrically

And if you are ready we can help you

  • Get More Leads
  • Get More Sales
  • Improve Website Conversions
  • Create High Converting Sales Letters
  • Dramatically Improve Your Social Media Content
  • Position You As The Only Solution To Your Ideal Prospects Biggest Problem
  •  Help You Tell Your Story
  • Sign up for your Free Salon Growth Review
Who are the salon specialists?

The Salon Specialists are a salon marketing and growth consultancy and training business. Formed by Gayle Stewart and George Wells during lockdown to help salon owners grow their salon business and recover from the three months of lock down experienced by most salon owners.

Between them Gayle and George have a wealth of salon and business experience. Over 30 years salon experience and over 30 years business experience.

This combined experience of running salons, teaching salon owners with hardcore large business exeprience leaves us uniquely placed to show you how to take your salon to the next level and beyond.

All salon growth should be geometric growth. Working on the main pillars of the business 

  • Getting more leads
  • Getting more clients
  • Having those clients spend more when they are in the salon
  • Have them coming back more often

Building anyone of these pillars will improve your salon linearly. Build them all and you move into geometric growth.

Let us help you to build your salon business into a well managed, profitable business. 

New Book Salon Survival and Success is Live Now!!

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